König, Albert
Albert König was born on 16th August 1871 in Plettenberg. He was son of the carpenter Peter Heinrich König (1844 - 1925) and his wife Lisette (1845 - 1890). He studied mathmatics, physics and chemistry in Berlin and Jena from 1891 to 1895. Doctoral thesis in 1894 (supervised by E. Abbe) on the theory of Fresnel diffraction spectra. Started the same year a lifelong work at the Zeiss works in Jena. He worked on telescopes, distance measuring equipment and various instruments. In 1919 he married the widow Barbara Lehmann, daughter of J. Georg Dattler in Freiburg. Barbara seemed to have worked at Zeiss at that time. For the terrestial telescopes he received a 'Gold Medal' at the 1938 Paris Expo. He died 30th April 1946 in Jena.